Virtual Paragon is proud to offer its client schools an online event calendar.


  • Easily share up-to-date information about school events with parents.
  • Monthly view and yearly view.
  • Event details include a date, start time, end time, event title, and a longer event description.
  • Events can contain links to other pages on your own web site (or on other sites) for additional detail.
  • Events can be tagged for specific view categories or campus locations.
  • Gregorian calendar dates can be overlayed with other calendar dates (e.g., Julian, Hebrew, etc.) and holidays.
  • Calendar can be styled to match the look of your web site.
  • Your school doesn't have a web site? No problem! We host the entire application for you on our site.
  • Affordably priced.
Bring your school into the 21st century today. Your parent body will love you for it!
To arrange a FREE demonstration or to get information about licensing the Event Calendar for your school, please contact us.

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