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Your time is valuable. Why waste it with outdated and inefficient ways of scheduling parent-teacher conferences? Do it right, with Virtual Paragon's premier online software system for scheduling parent-teacher conferences. Find out more now!

At Virtual Paragon, we pride ourselves in the high quality of our work, the usability of our software and web sites, and the friendly, helpful support we provide.

This is evidenced by the non-stop, unsolicited, overwhelmingly positive feedback we continue to receive from parents and schools across North America about our flagship Parent-Teacher Conference Reservation Software.

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We had incredibly positive feedback. One parent wrote that "this was not just a good idea but a fabulous one." Another excitedly commented that "the system worked GREAT! Parents were not racing from room to room trying to get appointments." The consensus was that “the system worked perfectly and was painless” and "that it beats the hell out of running around frantically putting one’s name on sign-up sheets." Teachers also loved the new system. ... Most importantly, teachers found that because parents had scheduled ahead of time, they arrived much happier and less frazzled. The less frantic pace seemed to allow more focus on the actual conversation and not on the scheduling. Administratively, the system worked wonders. ... We had record numbers of parents attend, and yet the day was smoother then ever. ... Ultimately, the technology helped impact not only the scheduling, but the quality of the conferences themselves. Both teachers and parents reporting feeling more at ease and less harried, allowing the focus to be where it should be, on the students. The transition from a manual signup process to the online program raised the belief in the competency and effectiveness of technology. It took a bit of a leap of faith, but we encourage you to take the initative and use it next year. After all, technology is supposed to make our lives simpler and better, and in this case, it did. A.K. & L.P., Jun 2007

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I just wanted to complement you on a terrific site. I write software for a living, and was very impressed with what you put together. Well done! P.P., Feb 2009

Make Conferences Your “Best Moment” with Virtual Paragon!

In a Father's Day 2009 event at the White House, the President said that the best moment he's had as president to date was a parent-teacher conference for his girls. Every year, Virtual Paragon helps make parent-teacher conferences a “best moment” for tens of thousands of parents. JOIN US!

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