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Your time is valuable. Why waste it with outdated and inefficient ways of scheduling parent-teacher conferences? Do it right, with Virtual Paragon's premier online software system for scheduling parent-teacher conferences. Find out more now!

At Virtual Paragon, we pride ourselves in the high quality of our work, the usability of our software and web sites, and the friendly, helpful support we provide.

This is evidenced by the non-stop, unsolicited, overwhelmingly positive feedback we continue to receive from parents and schools across North America about our flagship Parent-Teacher Conference Reservation Software.

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From an administrator: more...

Nothing we have done in the last year and a half has generated the enthusiastic response that the Parent-Teacher conference scheduler has. Go figure! ... It was actually easier than we thought it would be. After a few phone calls to other schools, I had the names of a couple of on-line programs, but one stood out with wonderful recommendations: Virtual Paragon. After blowing us away with a test demo in the late spring, Virtual Paragon had our allegiance. J.L., Nov 2007

From a parent: more...

This new scheduling technique is a wonderful idea! I am glad the school has recognized the need for a more efficient system. (Maybe you can convince some of the elementary schools in the area to do the same!) Thank you. E.S., Mar 2002

Make Conferences Your “Best Moment” with Virtual Paragon!

In a Father's Day 2009 event at the White House, the President said that the best moment he's had as president to date was a parent-teacher conference for his girls. Every year, Virtual Paragon helps make parent-teacher conferences a “best moment” for tens of thousands of parents. JOIN US!

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