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Your time is valuable. Why waste it with outdated and inefficient ways of scheduling parent-teacher conferences? Do it right, with Virtual Paragon's premier online software system for scheduling parent-teacher conferences. Find out more now!

At Virtual Paragon, we pride ourselves in the high quality of our work, the usability of our software and web sites, and the friendly, helpful support we provide.

This is evidenced by the non-stop, unsolicited, overwhelmingly positive feedback we continue to receive from parents and schools across North America about our flagship Parent-Teacher Conference Reservation Software.

To arrange a demonstration of this or our other products, or to get information about licensing them for your school, please fill out our contact form today.

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TIME SAVED: literally, about 90 hours. Last year I put in so much overtime to do the same job as the Software did, that I ended up with a 2 week vacation. Last week I actually went to bed on time -- [but] last year I worked around the clock to schedule conferences. ... Thank you so much for developing this wonderful program, and for bringing it to [our school]. As I have told you, please keep us posted about additional programs that you create. This one is very well-designed, and very easy for parents to use. ... Our parents love it. There is very high praise for it. L.S., Nov/Dec 2002

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This is excellent! Although I miss the cafeteria and the long lines (smile) it was great signing up from the comfort of my home. Who ever thought of this deserves an A+! Thanks for making my life easier! V.W., Nov 2007

Make Conferences Your “Best Moment” with Virtual Paragon!

In a Father's Day 2009 event at the White House, the President said that the best moment he's had as president to date was a parent-teacher conference for his girls. Every year, Virtual Paragon helps make parent-teacher conferences a “best moment” for tens of thousands of parents. JOIN US!

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