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TIME SAVED: literally, about 90 hours. Last year I put in so much overtime to do the same job as the Software did, that I ended up with a 2 week vacation. Last week I actually went to bed on time -- [but] last year I worked around the clock to schedule conferences. ... Thank you so much for developing this wonderful program, and for bringing it to [our school]. As I have told you, please keep us posted about additional programs that you create. This one is very well-designed, and very easy for parents to use. ... Our parents love it. There is very high praise for it. L.S., Nov/Dec 2002

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This is excellent! Although I miss the cafeteria and the long lines (smile) it was great signing up from the comfort of my home. Who ever thought of this deserves an A+! Thanks for making my life easier! V.W., Nov 2007