Virtual Paragon was established in 2001. Our founders bring together a unique combination of expertise in education and technology, and have been in the software development business since 1985. Our experience in web site and web application development started back in the days of the earliest graphical web browser in 1992/1993, and spans through to the latest web technologies in use today.

Our software products — including our flagship Parent-Teacher Conference Reservation System — are designed for maximum simplicity and ease of use, and they target problem areas that have historically led to much frustration and chaos (before using our software, that is!). Our focus is on the user experience, with a constant eye on the usability of our products.

These software systems are entirely web-based and hosted by us, so you will not need any additional hardware and there is never any software for you to install. Upgrades are automatic and require no effort on your part! This software application delivery model was often called “Software as a Service” (SaaS), and is now more commonly known as “Cloud”-based Software.

And while we never tire of hearing our customers tell us how much they love our software and how easy it is to use, what really “makes our day” is when they tell us how our software has had a positive impact on their lives and jobs! Really!! Don't just take it from us — read the many testimonials that keep on coming. Just to cite a few examples, an Executive Assistant at one school said I have to say that the most significant positive change in my job in the last ten years was the implementation of your program! and a Technology Director at another school said You've really made a difference in people's lives!

It is precisely this sort of feedback that drives us to keep improving and exceeding our customers’ expectations year after year. At Virtual Paragon we are motivated by a deep creative urge and a compulsion for sheer excellence.

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“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

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