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From an administrator:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support and help as we implemented the online appointment system. It worked beautifully and our parents and faculty were raving about the system throughout the course of the conferences. I have saved emails from parents praising if not exalting your system. It was a tremendous improvement over past years' conferences and we will definitely use it again next year. Please feel free to list [us] as a reference. In addition, our tech director has written an article on tech implementation that focuses on our change to an online system. He is hoping to submit for publication. While the article focuses more on aspects of implementation of technology and resistance it meets, clearly a major part in the success of the change was the design of your program. L.P., Jan 2007

From a parent:

Great job! This was WONDERFUL. ... Very impressive, and very appreciated. ... Thank you so much ... I signed up my nine teachers for two children in about two minutes. R.A. and J.A., Feb 2001