Please contact us to arrange a FREE personalized live demonstration.

Be prepared to provide the following information so that we may tailor the demonstration to your own process and needs:

  • How many times a year (i.e., sessions) does your school have conferences?
  • How many days of conferences do you have for each session?
  • What is the typical start time & end time for each day?
  • Is there a break during that time?
  • How long is each conference time slot? (e.g., 5 min, 10 min, etc.)
  • Do you have any "hallway time" between conferences, or are the conferences scheduled back-to-back?
  • How many teachers do you have in the school?
  • How many families have students in the school?

Ideally, demo participants should include the principal(s) and/or other decision makers, the person(s) currently managing the conference scheduling, and tech support or IT staff.