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Your time is valuable. Why waste it with outdated and inefficient ways of scheduling parent-teacher conferences? Do it right, with Virtual Paragon's premier online software system for scheduling parent-teacher conferences. Find out more now!

At Virtual Paragon, we pride ourselves in the high quality of our work and the usability of our software and web sites. We are motivated by a deep creative urge and a compulsion for sheer excellence.

This is evidenced by the non-stop, unsolicited, overwhelmingly positive feedback we continue to receive from parents and schools across North America about our flagship products:

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From an administrator:

I’ve been getting the feedback and it’s wonderful. You ... should ... feel great satisfaction that the system works so well ... and that people clearly feel the new system is far better than the old. I can’t remember any time that any project of [the school] has received such uniformly positive responses. [Congratulations] on a job well done. N.S., Feb 2001

From a parent:

Just wanted to tell you how great this system is. It’s so easy to use! The system is laid out beautifully, so that we can really get the “big picture” when planning the meetings. You’ve thought of everything. It’s totally idiot-proof. Every school should be using this -- why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? C.W., Mar 2005

Make Conferences Your “Best Moment” with Virtual Paragon!

In a Father's Day 2009 event at the White House, President Obama said that the best moment he's had as president was a parent-teacher conference for his girls. Every year, Virtual Paragon helps make parent-teacher conferences a “best moment” for tens of thousands of parents. JOIN US!